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From quantum physics to health issues, from computer science to the origins of life, this page brings you the widest range of accessible writing from the sharpest minds in science.

Read blog articles on current science topics and watch science videos by authors such as Frank Close and Peter Atkins. Browse some of the best science books available including bestsellers by Richard Dawkins and Philip Ball.


With Nick Bostrom
Author of Superintelligence talks about the possible effects and threats of artificial intelligence on BBC 2 ‘Newsnight’.
By Luciano Floridi
Author of The Fourth Revolution writes for The Guardian about Google's discussion of privacy versus freedom of expression and of accessing personal data published online.
By Jan Zalasiewicz and Mark Williams
Authors of Ocean Worlds write about Edward Forbes, the man behind the assumption that deep oceans are dead, and about other historical characters of ocean science.
One Plus One Equals One
Read the first chapter of John Archibald's book to learn about molecular biology.
Turing: Pioneer of the Information Age
Jack Copeland discusses Alan Turing's impact on information technology in a lecture for Stanford University.
Cancer Virus
New Scientist describes the book as "compelling and colourful, capturing the romance of scientific discovery so well that it is exciting and accessible."
From The Economist
Clive Finlayson in The Improbable primate is described as putting forward "a convincing case" for water shaping human evolution.

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Luciano Floridi, on what is the 'Fourth Revolution'?

Nicholas P. Money, on the amazing world of microbiology.

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Meet the authors

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Articles archive on the OUPblog

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