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Science & The Natural World

From quantum physics to health issues, from computer science to the origins of life, this page brings you the widest range of accessible writing from the sharpest minds in science.

Read blog articles on current science topics and watch science videos by authors such as Frank Close and Peter Atkins. Browse some of the best science books available including bestsellers by Richard Dawkins and Philip Ball.


With Michael Trimble
Hear the author of Why Humans Like to Cry explore the physiological, psychological and biological reasons for crying.
From New Scientist
Read why Caroline Morley calls Extreme by Emma Barrett and Paul Martin "amusing, intriguing, exciting" in this New Scientist review.
From The Irish Times
In her work, The Story of Pain, Joanna Bourke explores the meanings of pain in the modern world in "meticulous and often startling ways".
Visions of Science
James Secord's work is described as "a wonderfully lucid account of a complex and often misunderstood era that poses important questions about the way we understand both science and history" in The Guardian.
From The Guardian
Tim Radford delves into the rich content of Tom McLeish's Faith and Wisdom in Science.
The Drama of DNA
Authors Karen H. Rothenberg and Lynn Wein Bush illuminate the bioethical challenges and controversies surrounding genomic technology.
From The Independent
Based on the latest neuroscientific research, Kathleen Taylor's The Brain Supremacy supposes possibilities "that are both exciting and terrifying".

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Luciano Floridi, on what is the 'Fourth Revolution'?

Nicholas P. Money, on the amazing world of microbiology.

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Meet the authors

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Articles archive on the OUPblog

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