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Science & The Natural World

From quantum physics to health issues, from computer science to the origins of life, this page brings you the widest range of accessible writing from the sharpest minds in science.

Read blog articles on current science topics and watch science videos by authors such as Frank Close and Peter Atkins. Browse some of the best science books available including bestsellers by Richard Dawkins and Philip Ball.


The Fourth Revolution
Explore author Luciano Floridi’s ideas about mankind’s place amidst a mass age of information and data on BBC’s A History of Ideas.
From The Daily Mail
The third edition of The Oxford Companion to Food is called "the most erudite, captivating and beautifully researched food compendium you’ll ever read".
Ancestors in Our Genome
Author Eugene Harris explains how to make sense of the human genome.
The Story of Collapsing Stars
Explore black holes, naked singularities and quantum gravity with author Pankaj S. Joshi.
Ocean Worlds
This "absorbing account" is reviewed in the Guaridan.
Science in Wonderland
Consider a new perspective on Victorian scientific discoveries and inventions with this exclusive excerpt.
by Arnab Rai Choudhuri
The author of Nature’s Third Cycle explores the mysteries and methodology behind sunspot cycles.

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Luciano Floridi, on what is the 'Fourth Revolution'?

Nicholas P. Money, on the amazing world of microbiology.

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Meet the authors

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Articles archive on the OUPblog

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